The Top 10 Spookiest Spots in the Philippines to Visit This Halloween

Diplomat hotel philippines

The fountain in the abandoned Diplomat Hotel in Baguio City, one of the spookiest spots in the Philippines. Image credits: Jennifer, Flickr Creative Commons.

Halloween in the Philippines won’t be complete without a good scare. Some do this by watching a horror flick with the lights out. Others head out to visit some of spots in the Philippines reportedly haunted by ghosts, spirits and other creatures of the night.

Here are the 10 spookiest spots in the Philippines to visit this Halloween.

1.  Balete Drive, Manila

Stretching 1.3 kilometers long, this street located within the district of New Manila in Quezon City was named after the Balete trees that line either side of the street.

It is said that at night, a bloody and faceless lady in white is said to haunt the stretch of Balete Drive who they was raped and killed here. Some say by a taxi driver. Others say by Japanese soldiers during World War II. Several motorists, particularly taxi drivers, have reported seeing her suddenly sitting at the back of their car, only to disappear after leaving Balete Drive.

2. Manila Film Center

On the southwest corner of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Complex stands what is considered to be one of the most infamous buildings in the Philippines.

The building was constructed to host a film festival back in the early 1980s. As they rushed to finish the building before the deadline, the upper floor collapsed, killing many workers and injuring many others.

The story goes that instead of stopping the construction to retrieve the bodies of the workers that were killed and to rescue those that were injured, then-First Lady Imelda Marcos (who ordered the construction of the building) ordered cement be poured over the bodies of the workers, burying some of them alive.

Honestly, I’m not sure how much truth there is to this urban legend. But this is the account used by many to explain the many mysterious happenings and sightings reported by those that have ventured inside the building.

3. Pindangan Ruins, La Union

Situated in the city of San Fernando, La Union, the ruins are all that remains of a church that was destroyed by an earthquake that hit the Philippines in 1892.

If you visit the Pindangan Ruins, and your tour guide refuses to accompany you, don’t be surprised. They say that the ghost of a priest could be seen roaming around the grounds of the ruins, holding his decapitated head in his hands. Others have seen a nun dressed in white also roaming around the ruins.

4. The Diplomat Hotel, Baguio City

Since it opened, hotel staff and guests of the Diplomat Hotel have reported hearing wailing sounds in different parts of the hotel. There have also been reports of apparitions of priests roaming the corridors of the hotel; some of them were even seen carrying their heads on silver platters.

It is believed that these are the ghosts of the priests who were brutally killed by the Japanese when they invaded the Philippines during World War II.

Today, the Diplomat Hotel is abandoned and in ruins. But the sightings apparently continue to this day.

5. Teacher’s Camp, Baguio City

Teacher’s Camp is not only reputed as a popular venue for seminars, retreats, and trainings. It is also considered to be one of the most popular spooky spots in the Philippines.

It is said that the camp was built on top of a battlefield where several indigenous warriors were killed. People that have stayed at Teacher’s Camp have consistently reported paranormal activities, from ghostly footsteps to ghostly apparitions.

A few of my guy friends actually experienced one such sighting.

One night while staying at Teacher’s Camp back during our college days, they saw a beautiful lady looking at them and smiling at them from outside the window of their room. Knowing that a group from an all-girls school was having a retreat the same time that they were there, they figured it was one of the girls from that group, and just smiled and waved back as she walked away.

Later, they all went down to have a smoke (since smoking was not allowed in the rooms). One of them suddenly turned pale as he was looking up. My other guy friends asked what was wrong.

“We were up on the third floor, guys,” he said. “There’s no balcony. So, how did that girl walk across our window?”

They all looked together and said nothing. They ended up spending the night inside the car. Not one of them dared to go back inside.

6. Laperal Ancestral House, Baguio City

Right across Teacher’s Camp is the ancestral home of the Laperals—one of the oldest families in Baguio City. This 3-storey, Spanish-American designed home was built back in the 1920s.

Although Lucio Tan now owns it, no one lives inside the house. Not even the caretakers. They say that the ghost of Roberto Laperal—the last of the clan—continues to roam inside the house. The caretakers say that they would hear footsteps accompanied by the sound of a cane hitting the wooden floor echoing throughout the house.

The house has also become a haven for other spirits, too. Residents living near the ancestral home speak of a little girl dressed in white sitting on the stairway leading up to the house. While most ghosts would stay in the area they haunt, this girl has been reported to follow whoever sees her for days at a time.

7. Corregidor Island

Strategically located at the entrance of Manila Bay, this tadpole-shaped island served as the last stand of American and Filipino troops when the Japanese invaded the Philippines back in 1942.

Because of the sheer number of soldiers, doctors and nurses that died here, it’s not surprising that this is one of the spookiest spots in the Philippines. Tourists and locals have reported hearing ghostly moans and footsteps inside the hospital ruins, barracks and the Malinta Tunnel, which was converted into a makeshift hospital after the one on the island was destroyed.

8. Ruins of the Lazareto de Mariveles, Bataan

The Lazareto de Mariveles was built back in 1850, and was the first quarantine station in the Philippines. This was where foreigners visiting the Philippines were sent after they arrive so that they can be checked for any possible diseases.

The station was severely bombed when the Japanese invaded the Philippines. It is said that ghosts of soldiers and civilians that were killed because of the bombing can be seen roaming around the ruins.

9. San Jose de Buenavista, Antique

San Jose de Buenavista is the capital municipality of Antique, a province located in the western part of the Visayas region.

Before it was established by the Spanish conquistadors as a town in 1872, the area where San Jose de Buenavista is now located used to be a dense jungle. Pirates would often dock here to hide their treasures. The locals believe that to this day, the ghosts of these pirates continue to haunt different parts of the city, guarding their treasure.

The area is also believed to be the dwelling place of the Wak-Wak—a huge bird-like creature that looks very much like a bat, with extremely sharp talons. It flies through the night seeking humans to feed on their hearts.

10.  Casa Gorordo Museum, Cebu

Located in the Parian district in Cebu, this hundred-year-old building was once the home of the family of Juan Gorordo, the first Filipino bishop of Cebu.

Although the bishop died in the house’s master’s bedroom, he is not the one seen by employees roaming around the museum. Instead, it is a female ghost who they believe to be one of the bishop’s unmarried sisters. They said that she would often be seen sitting at the courtship area in front of the family’s private chapel. Perhaps, still hoping that someone would come, sweep her off her feet, and become her husband.

Do You Dare Visit These Spooky Spots in the Philippines?

I don’t believe in ghosts, but I do have a very wild imagination. Often, that is what gets the better of me, even when there is nothing to be scared about.

But yes, I am making plans to visit some of these spooky sites in the Philippines soon. In fact, I’m already planning a trip to visit Corregidor Island after I come back from my trip with my friends to El Nido, Palawan next week. I hope that my imagination behaves while I’m there.

How about you? Will you dare visit these spooky sites in the Philippines? Have you ever visited any of these spooky sites? Do you have a story about it? Share it all in the comments area below.

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  1. What a totally fun list to read just before Halloween. The fact that the tour guide might not want to accompany you at the Pindangan Ruins is really interesting. Have you been there? If not and you go I would love to hear about it. :-)
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  2. I also was scared of the Laperal house when I was younger as our school service passes that route everyday. It still stands there and creepy as ever.
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  3. My imagination was running wild while reading this post! Mmmm.. can we go someplace else? Lol! Happy Halloween!:)
    Be sure to check out Gemma|My Dailies’s most recent post…Stop the DRAMAMy Profile

  4. I feel like I missed so much when I was in the Philipines. I did experience New Years there many years ago. That in itself can be a scary experience.
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  5. Corregidor is the 2nd spookiest place I’ve been to. The first is Sagada. :D
    Be sure to check out Cris | Pinay Thrillseeker’s most recent post…Cebu Party Boat – A Dream Weekend GetawayMy Profile

  6. The Teacher’s Camp ghost story is true, my cousin experience that too. She called us through phone and with trembled sound of her voice I know she is afraid of what she saw.

  7. Bigla akong napa isip, may horror/haunted tour ba sa pinas? Parang ang ganda kasi ng concept – best for horror and travel enthusiast na katulad ko.

    Ang sarap basahin… Salamat!
    Be sure to check out Carl’s most recent post…WordCamp Philippines 2012My Profile

  8. I do not dare, ever!! Hahaha! I love watching spooky stuff on TV. But I do not dare experiencing any of these in person. I’ve actually heard so many ghost stories and sightings particularly in Baguio. I’m just glad that I never visited any of the said areas while I was there. :S
    Be sure to check out Mai Flores’s most recent post…Cebu Party Boat: Your 3-Day Getaway. Your lifetime experience.My Profile

    • I’m with you on that, Mai! TV is fine…except for those special episodes of Magandang Gabi, Bayan before. I guess the idea that it’s being reported investigative journalism style adds to the spook factor, don’t you agree?

  9. Going to spooky places… not in my plans. I’m too scared to visit a haunted house, to set my feet on old-aged ruins or pass by any road like the Balete drive. I can just bravely see them in horror movies.
    Be sure to check out marri’s most recent post…When to Stop My Toddler from Bottle Feeding?My Profile

    • But still many people have the courage to be in these places. Maybe, they want to feel the strange ghostly atmosphere… TAKOT AKO!!
      Be sure to check out marri’s most recent post…SKIN DEEPMy Profile

  10. oh no! not even in my wildest dreams that i will visit the places you mention on a halloween
    Be sure to check out joy’s most recent post…Proper Utilization Of Season Dependent OutfitsMy Profile

  11. i’ve been to casa gorordo and corregidor, didnt get the creeps.

    I’ve seen (and experienced) the ghosts along the streets of vigan though.

  12. spooky trip! hahaha ive been to 1, 2, 4, and 5! it’s always fun to do ghost hunting with friends but no, i wont do it anymore. it’s so scary!!!

  13. Happy Halloween, Adeline!

    The Philippines is definitely on my list in the future as I’m now learning that they’re growing a fair amount of cacao in the Philippines and Indonesia. (I imagine the 2 aren’t too far apart.)

    Looks like there are many fascinating (and scary) things to see!
    Be sure to check out Doreen Pendgracs’s most recent post…North Dakota chocolatier salutes the seasonsMy Profile

    • That’s right, Doreen! I’m actually planning out a trip to a place where they what we call here tablea cacao. Think 100% pure grated cacao beans and then packed into small thick disks, about the size of the old $1 coin. Best enjoyed for breakfast! Yummy!!! I’ll give you a heads up when I’m done with it.

      And yes, we’re pretty near Indonesia. I think it’s just about a 3 or 4 hour flight each way.

  14. Yes I could still remember one movie entitled ang Babae sa Balete Drive, it was Zsa Zsa Padila who was in the role of that faceless lady. Yay, scary.
    Be sure to check out My Daily Mumbles’s most recent post…My Daughter’s Polaroid CameraMy Profile

  15. I have heard the story of the Manila Film Center many times. It aroused sympathy from me and of course made me look at it in a different light with a hint of fear.
    Be sure to check out Teresa Martinez’s most recent post…The Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Young ParentsMy Profile

  16. I have been to Mariveles, Bataan just recently, If only I knew then I visit their horror place.
    Be sure to check out JO-ANN’s most recent post…How my Physical Appearance Affects my Self ConfidenceMy Profile

  17. I am always fascinated with how other countries celebrate occasions. I had never personally thought of hitting the places that are known to be haunted. What a cool idea. I definitely would go to one of them on halloween, how much fun :)
    Be sure to check out Becc’s most recent post…Christmas….got it sorted!My Profile

  18. Nice list. I’ve been to the Teacher’s Camp in Baguio and in Casa Gorordo in Cebu. The teacher’s Camp really feel eery the moment you stepped in the vicinity itself. Maybe because, I am already thinking about the ghost stories about the place. there’s just this unexplainable feeling that someone looking at you. In Casa Gorordo, I heard about that story when I stayed in Cebu for almost 3yrs.
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  19. I haven’t been to any lol, poor me! Perhaps the Manila Film Center, such wasted cultural icon! Great list, but no I won’t be seen in any hahaha :)
    Be sure to check out Marie’s most recent post…Travelling Abroad to Brazil: Welcome AdviceMy Profile

  20. yikes! having goosebumps reading your post. I will not dare go to these places.
    Be sure to check out che’s most recent post…The Community CenterMy Profile

  21. Teacher’s Camp in Baguio, been there once during a camp- yes, may nagpapakita raw according to some na kasama namin.
    Be sure to check out papaleng’s most recent post…15 Weird and Amazing Bird Facts Around The World Part TwoMy Profile

  22. I really enjoyed reading this post! I love hearing about spooky things like this, especially because I do believe in ghosts and spirits. I’ve never gone to a spot that is said to be haunted, but if I ever visit the Philippines I would love to go to one of these places and see if I have any encounters.
    Be sure to check out Kelly Wade’s most recent post…5 Foods to Eat for Healthy SkinMy Profile

  23. reading about this is scary but oftentimes, the places are not that bad. I live in a city with many old houses with their own ghost stories, but somehow I really don’t get scared..hahaha
    Be sure to check out maritel (merlmd)’s most recent post…Silay Heritage Mini-tour for BloggersMy Profile

  24. Wak-Wak? That sounds absolutely freaky. What a great idea to get your creep on.

  25. This is so not fair. After reading your post, all I keep saying is I wanna go to the Philippines. I have never been there! And I think the first place I am gonna go is Manila Film Center!!
    Be sure to check out Tope Olofin’s most recent post…Lagos…Mega City or Traffic City?My Profile

  26. WOW, Philippines definitely the best place for people that enjoys Halloween or simplly like the scared. Thank you for the list of places not to go :) I will be spooked out.
    Be sure to check out Tommy Tan’s most recent post…7 Ways to Increase Facebook EngagementMy Profile

  27. Any of the stories associated with those sites would make for an interesting short story idea or possibly a novel. I’ve never purposely toured a scary site, but my mom used to work at a bed and breakfast that was said to be haunted. I never saw the ghost, but she has a few stories to tell about being in the old building late at night.
    Be sure to check out Jeri’s most recent post…Author Interview: Alberto ArciaMy Profile

  28. I’ve probably been living under a rock somewhere, as I only knew now that Teacher’s Camp in Baguio was a spooky place. I sure am glad I don’t have a third eye. I’ve never had a “ghostly” experience before.
    Be sure to check out Pepper Tan’s most recent post…Tips on Cleaning Your Area RugMy Profile

  29. will visit diplomat hotel next week! im ready for some goosies!

  30. Manila Film Center gives me the creeps every time we pass by there. Even at broad daylight, knowing the history of that building just freaks me out whenever I get a glimpse of it. >.<
    Be sure to check out Ayzee’s most recent post…BDJBox (by Belle de Jour) Vol. 1 – The Reveal!My Profile

  31. Yeeee! I have an “actual” experience in Pindangan Ruins. But before I experienced it, I ididn’t know the place was haunted. My guide just told me after I experienced it. @.@
    Be sure to check out #TownExplorer |’s most recent post…Tagudin, Ilocos Sur | The Jaundiced Yellow Town of IlocandiaMy Profile

  32. I think Baguio is the most scariest place to visit if you want to experience paranormal activities. We had ours during our stay in one old hotel there.. :)
    Be sure to check out Josie’s most recent post…Are we safe with our cleaning and sanitizing products?My Profile

  33. Good thing I don’t have 3rd eye whatsover wahh, have goose bumps upon reading the stories, yay/
    Be sure to check out Anne’s Sweet Life’s most recent post…Make Your Eye Stand OutMy Profile

  34. Some spooky places for sure. I’ve heard a similar story to Balete Drive one. Don’t plan to experience something like that though :)
    Be sure to check out Salika Jay’s most recent post…Prague: The Perfect European Holiday DestinationMy Profile

  35. Never been to these places but I love to visit it and experience it. :)
    Be sure to check out claire’s most recent post…3 Signs if you have Suffered DepressionMy Profile

  36. Wow. I actually watched a docu the other night about the Laperal House in Baguio. It was a feature that Jay Taruc made. They installed CCTVs throughout the house, apparently waiting for sightings. They didn’t see anything, but the cameras (firmly secured to their spots) kept falling! Finally, towards the end of the video, after one of the staff fixed the camera inside a bedroom, you could see a shadowy figure pass by and a woman’s voice saying, “Andito kami.” It was very clear. I just don’t know if it was incorporated in the video or if it was real.
    Be sure to check out Bambie’s most recent post…Airline Uniforms That Make a Fashion StatementMy Profile

  37. Lots of interesting information. I have been to Cebu one time a number of years ago. I did not have the opportunity to jump over to Manila or some of the other islands. I did not get “spooked”, but I had a lot of great fresh Mango juice!
    Be sure to check out Martin Casper’s most recent post…GMO Foods…Finally a Common Sense ApproachMy Profile

  38. that’s a lot of places to avoid going to… hahaha. i just hope i can’t remember any of those places, so when i visit the place, i won’t be thinking of the scary things attached to them… hahaha. well, we can always rely on the power of prayer, just in case. Yahweh bless.
    Be sure to check out ralph’s most recent post…Kids And Halloween ScareMy Profile

  39. You know these spooky places gives me the shivers. I will never be able to visit any spooky place. I like the story of the abandoned diplomat hotel, priests carrying their own heads, that sounds so scary to me. Who would want to in such a hotel? Thank god it has been abandoned.
    Be sure to check out Shalu Sharma’s most recent post…Complete guide to Mysore cityMy Profile

  40. Adeline,
    I love Halloween, because the world comes to my house, even the scary creatures! I welcome them all with hot apple cider for the adults and candy for their children. They remember me from year to year and look forward to coming to my door! Occasionally, I must be away for Halloween, and it’s fun to participate in other’s traditions, but this one day of the year, I would rather be at home, waiting for my guests!
    Be sure to check out Linda Hankins’s most recent post…Being In The Right Place At The Right TimeMy Profile

  41. I am glad I read this before I visited the Philippines! I might not have the courage to visit them all at night but I will definitely bring this post with me.

  42. This post is very interested. I will go Philippines next year.

  43. Baguio holds so many creepy places. Not just the Teacher’s Camp et al. Some boarding houses too. Creepy!
    Be sure to check out Christopher James’s most recent post…review3 launchedMy Profile

  44. This made me want to go to the Philippines even more. The day can’t come fast enough I can?t wait!
    Be sure to check out Suki F’s most recent post…Ideas for a trip to KentMy Profile

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