Bag of Beans Coffee Shop & Bakery Tagaytay

facade of Bag of Beans Coffee ShopMy first taste of coffee at Bag of Beans Coffee Shop & Bakery was in one of their coffee shops Metro Manila back during my college days. I’ve always loved a bold cup of coffee, and their coffee really hit the spot. But many of my friends who have visited that short-lived coffee shop told me that nothing still beats the coffee shop in Tagaytay.

When my brother suggested to get a cup of coffee after spending an afternoon at the Picnic Grove, he suggested that we try out the Bag of Beans coffee shop in Tagaytay. It was then that I remembered the comments that my friends said a long time ago, and I figured that this was the time that I finally check out what they meant.

Snack Time at Bag of Beans Coffee Shop in Tagaytay

Finding the original Bag of Beans coffee shop can be quite a challenge since there are now two Bag of Beans coffee shops in Tagaytay. The one located along the Junction Roundabout in Tagaytay is one of their newer coffee shops. The original one is still about a five minute drive from the Junction, right across the Swiss Chalet Apartments. You can view a map going to the coffee shop by clicking here.

Bold Coffee & Delicious Pies

Just like that short-lived coffee shop in Metro Manila I used to frequent, Bag of Beans Tagaytay has a wide selection of hot and cold coffee drinks and signature pies. They also serve an array of dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner at any time of the day. My brother chose to order their steak and gravy pie while I chose their apple pie. Of course, being coffee lovers, we both ordered their house blend brewed coffee.

Coffee and pie are the bestsellers at the Bag of Beans Coffee Shop

This coffee shop is known for its bold coffee & delicious pies

As expected, their coffee had a rich bold flavor that my brother and I really love. The steak and gravy pie reminded me of those meat pies that we used to have during our younger years in Sydney for snack. The apple pie didn’t have the iconic woven pie crust on top like you see in most cookbooks, but it was light and not too sweet. The apples inside still had a bite to them, which is just the way that I like it.

A Coffee Shop with a Garden

In terms of the quality of the food and coffee here, it was the same as the other Bag of Beans coffee shops in Metro Manila. What made all the difference was the setting of the dining area.

Dining area at Bag of Beans Coffee Shop

The coffee shop’s dining area is beautiful as it is relaxing

Instead of those usual lounge areas you’d find in most coffee shops, you’re transported into this large garden setting complete with wooden and wrought iron tables and chairs, towering trees, orchids and lots of other flowering plants. On either side of the garden are small wooden huts with windows made of capiz and decorated with curtains, cushioned benches and throw pillows. There are also cages filled with different kinds of birds located in the center of the dining area. We even managed to see a couple of large butterflies that decided to just drop by and take a sip of the nectar from the flowers here–something that I’ve never experienced in the Bag of Beans coffee shops I’ve tried in Manila.

While enjoying our afternoon snack, we were momentarily entertained by a group of children from a local orphanage who did a couple of song and dance number. Another treat not usually seen in their other coffee shops.

Surprise intermission at the Bag of Beans Coffee Shop

Beautiful children serenaded guests, adding a uniqueness in this coffee shop

The quality of the food and the level of service given by the staff is but a part of a person’s dining experience. What completes the dining experience is the setting. That’s what I discovered to be the missing link in the other Bag of Beans coffee shops. They have the same quality of food, coffee and service. But it’s only in the original branch where you’re able to dine in such a romantic setting. It’s no wonder why despite the many Bag of Beans coffee shops in Metro Manila, people still flock to the original Bag of Beans coffee shop in Tagaytay.

Contact Information of Bag of Beans Coffee Shop & Bakery Tagaytay

Bag of Beans Coffee Shop & Bakery Tagaytay is located at 115 Aguinaldo Highway, Mendez Crossing West, Tagaytay City, Philippines. You can call them at the following numbers:

  • +63 922 873 9686
  • +63 920 954 6370
  • +63 46 413 4356
  • +63 46 413 2724

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  1. I’m still learning from you, as I’m trying to reach my goals. I definitely love reading all that is written on your site.Keep the stories coming. I loved it!

  2. I think it’s very interesting place to enjoy coffee in the afternoon. More comfortable with the music scene in the surrounding
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  3. i used to be a coffee person , but not anymore , i wonder if they have other hot bev other than coffee.. i will stick with that delicious pie.. love the concept of the shop as well …

  4. i remember visiting this place during our thesis days.. love the garden ambiance, it was very cozy and relaxing.. :) I should try out their pies on my next visit :)

  5. If I’ll go to Tagaygay, I’ll visit this place, the pie is yummy! Can I have one? lol … pies and coffee are great parner. Thanks for this info Adeline ;)
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  6. Hven’t been in Tagaytay for sometime with the number of tourist going that side I believe lots of this places to dine, unlike before there were very few and Gourmet Cafe was the most popular then… thanks for the tip…

  7. Nice ambiance. Ideal if you want to rest somewhere after going around Tagaytay. Love the design of the mug too.
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  8. I’ll be sure to visit this place when I drop by Tagaytay. I love house blend coffees. Thnx for sharing =)
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  9. Sounds like a perfect place to just sit back, relax, and to just enjoy the combination of good coffee, pie, environment, and music.
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  10. Love that place. Relaxing and of course, the food and their coffee is pretty amazing. One of the best place to stay and visit in Tagaytay City, Cavite.
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  11. Wow! We have to visit this when we go home!
    I love pies. I hope it’s not too sweet, though…hehe

    • I actually found the apple pie a bit sweet, but nothing that a bold cup of coffee can fix. They also got those savory pies, like what my brother had in case you’re not really into sweets.

  12. A very relaxing ambiance. A great place to enjoy coffee with my loved ones and friends.
    Pie and coffee is an indeed good combination to enjoy the vicinity.

  13. Definitely a perfect place for coffee lovers… The place looks so awesome, parang nasa Europe lang ang settings. A perfect place to spend an afternoon with coffee especially when it is raining.

  14. We love Bag of Beans…it\’s our favorite breakfast place in Tagaytay! I haven’t tried any of their pies though, i thinks it’s time…thanks for sharing! ;)

  15. This looks like a really nice place! I hope we can visit Tagaytay again soon. We’ll surely check this place out. =)
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  16. I’d love to chill in that place.. given all’s free! lol! (not a coffee lover here weird no? lol!)

    • Well, the ambience is free. As for the coffee, I know that they also have other kinds of drinks available. My brother and I are avid coffee lovers so we immediately opted for that. Thanks so much for dropping by.

  17. I’ve only been to Tagaytay once, but now that I live in Cavite, I plan to go there some time soon. I’ll keep this in mind. The place looks serene. I’m not a coffee drinker but I’m sure I’ll find something I’d like. :)

  18. what a relaxing place to have coffe and pie. I love this combination. my coffee w/no sugar and the sweet pie..

  19. The best coffee, barako, from Batangas and Cavite! Very cozy no? Perfect for Tagaytay\’s cold weather…the city has surely grown from the simple getaway hotel for horseback-riding we visit as kids living 15 minutes away, it’s now a tourist spot!
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  20. I’ve been to Bag of Beans and I like the ambiance of the place and the food choices. It’s also a nice place to cool down and chill.

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