How to Get Your Philippine Passport Delivered

Get your Philippine Passport Delivered

My brand new Philippine passport fresh out of the courier’s plastic

There are two ways of getting your Philippine passport once it has been processed. The first is that you can go back to the Department of Foreign Affairs office and pick it up. The second is to have your passport delivered to your office or home. For the longest time, I have always chosen the second option.

Reasons to Have Your Philippine Passport Delivered

Getting your passport delivered to your doorstep is not something that comes for free. If you would like to avail of this service, you will need to pay an extra PHP120 (approx $2.87) in addition to the processing fee.

You might be thinking, why choose this option if I need to pay more for it anyway? For starters, having your passport delivered is much cheaper than going over to the DFA office and picking it up. I did my math, and the amount that I will have to pay for gas, toll fee, and parking to go to the office and get ¬†passport actually came up more expensive than the delivery fee they are charging; so, in effect, I’m actually saving more by getting it delivered.

Second, it is more convenient. You don’t have to worry about taking another day off from work or school and wait in line–something I’m not quite thrilled about. You can just have it delivered to your house or office and go about your daily activities.

Steps in Getting Your Passport Delivered

1. Go to the kiosk and pay for your delivery fee.

After you go through the document screening of the new passport renewal process implemented by the DFA and pay for the processing fees, head over to the passport delivery kiosk and pay the delivery fee of PHP120. The kiosk is located to your left side, and you can do this while waiting for your number to be flashed for your picture to be taken.

2. Give your information to the courier service.

After paying your passport delivery fee, you will be directed to fall in line in front of another kiosk. Here, you will find representatives from different courier companies authorized by the DFA to deliver your passport. Unfortunately, you don’t get to pick which courier service that will handle the delivery of your passport since you will be urged to go to the next available courier company representative. I was lucky enough to have my passport delivered by 2Go Courier. Not only was the representative very quick to process my delivery request. They were also very prompt when it comes to delivering your passport. I got mine actually a day before the date that they printed out on my receipt.

Reminders When Having Your Philippine Passport Delivered

1. Keep the delivery receipt.

As I briefly mentioned earlier, you will be given a receipt by the courier company handling the delivery of your passport. In addition to the name of the courier company and the delivery fee printed, the receipt will also have a tracking number associated with your passport,the date when your passport will be delivered, and the courier company’s contact number. Make sure that you don’t lose this because in case the courier company gets delayed with delivering your passport, you can easily call them up and check on its status.

2. Be present to receive your passport.

Courier companies have a policy that they will only surrender packages to the recipient whose name is on the package. That includes your passport; so make sure that you are home or at the office (whichever address you’ve provided) to receive it when it arrives.

3. Provide the proper documents to your representative.

If, for some reason, you are unable to be present to receive your passport, make sure to provide your representative the proper documents to present to the courier company’s representative so that they will release the passport to them. Among the documents that they will need are:

  • One of your valid IDs like your Driver’s license, NBI Clearance or Barangay ID
  • A valid ID of your representative
  • An authorization letter with the complete name of your representative and your signature (click download a sample authorization letter that you can use)

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  5. i remember all that i had to go through while applying for a passport a few years ago + i am just glad i will not have to do that again! i will be sure have my passport delivered this time around. ;)

  6. Thank you Adeline, you’ve given me the right information regarding how to get my passport delivered in front of my door. Well, my passport just expired just recently and I have no time to go to the DFA to renew. I guess I have to do it now since I want to travel abroad. Salamat po! :)

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