5 Reasons to Book Your 2013 Holiday Now

Thinking about booking a holiday in advance

Thinking of going on a holiday soon? Here’s some reasons why you should book your trip now. Photo credits: Kittikun Atsawintarangkul, FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I know that some of you will gasp at this, but now is a good time to start your next holiday trip. This is something that I have definitely thought more about recently because of planning a big vacation next summer.

These are some of the reasons why I think that booking a holiday in advance is beneficial for you, whether you’re traveling solo or with your family.

Holiday Deals

Holiday firms want to start booking their hotels, planes and even trains up as early as possible to so that they can actually run them. To get the ball rolling, some travel providers will give out huge discounts, sometimes up to 15%. This is super advantageous because you can get some of the best deals out on the market. A lot of last minute websites make it seem as though booking early is a non-starter. But with a 15% discount? That surely isn’t the case.

You can also get some freebies and added extras if you book your holiday in advance. Examples are free airport/port parking and on board credit to spend in the shops on your cruise. They all sound pretty good to me!


Another reason to book your next summer holiday in advance is the deposit function many travel providers offer. It’s standard for a lot of websites. With it, you can secure your holiday booking without letting it eat into your credit card overdraft or loan. This is always something that concerns me when booking a longer holiday. You want to make sure you are getting the best deal but without having to sacrifice money you would normally spend on bills or rent or mortgage.

More Choices

Doing it last minute can often mean getting the dregs of accommodation, with crazy low prices being the priority, this often means you get poor flight times or hotels with negative reviews, not what you want for your summer holiday. By booking early, you have the pick of the travel bunch and can choose the best flights and hotels for you. You don’t have to stress yourself out trying to match up departure dates and hotel arrivals on the last minute. Booking your holiday trip well in advance gives you time to go through different reviews and recommendations online, making sure you have picked the perfect destination and accommodation.

Lower Prices

The earlier you book your trip, the lower the prices. While there are probably some last minute travel sites that would disagree with that, prices are generally when you book your holiday in advance. On top of that, you get to choose a really good flight schedule. Getting up at 2am for a 4am for a 12 hour flight just to get a lower rate can be horrendously tiring, and just not worth the small amount you can save.


There is nothing more exciting than having something amazing to look forward to. It’s also a fun idea to put up a picture of your destination up on your fridge to make sure you keep your amazing holiday in mind. It will make lying on that sun-drenched beach eventually all the more satisfying.

In the end, we are all trying to save pennies and there is plenty of information to demonstrate how to save money on your holiday. But booking early also has a positive psychological effect, when sometimes through the winter everything gets a bit full on you can be safe and happy in the knowledge that you have a fantastic vacation to look forward to.

I want to hear what you think…

Do you normally book your holidays far in advance or do you only book last minute? Is it realistic to think that you can actually save money by booking far in advance? Also what is the worst flight time you have ever had? Mine is 5am to Florida, on Christmas day!

For some holiday inspiration, why not check out this new summer holidays advert by easyJet. It’s sure to embolden you to book something and look forward to that amazing once-in-a-lifetime vacation.


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Phoebe is a travel writer from London, like a true Brit she loves tea and cake :-) her travel blog is www.chictravel.co.uk and you can also follow her on twitter @Bea_ChicTravel


  1. I am SOOO glad you posted this. It reminded me to get on the stick and get my travels plans done now before it’s the last minute and it’s then WAY to expensive. You also gave some good tips I hadn’t thought about. :-)
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  2. I always prefer to book holidays in advance as it not only saves money but also give the plenty of time to explore the best places which you want to visit. The worst flight time as you mentioned is always an early morning flight because you need to wake up early to catch a flight. I always avoid these flights because there is high risk of missing the flight.

  3. Thanks Susan, I’m glad you liked it and do you know where your next holiday will be to?

  4. This is really good advice. It is important that when you are planning a really big trip that you think of all the things that you will need in advance and try to plan for them as much as possible. It is true that last minute booking can save you money, but as you pointed out it might not be the vacation you want if you chose this option.
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    • So true, Gen. I like what you pointed out that you can think of all of the things that you need in advance and you’re able to plan more and get the vacation that you’ve always wanted.

  5. Couldn’t agree more. It is always helpful to become ready always :)
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  6. There is really no need for me to book anything because we always spend the holidays at home.
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  7. Book holidays in advance to have lesser payment. Cheaper and more scheds to choose from.
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  8. Hear hear on all the points! I always make it a habit to book real early. It’s actually accurate as most of my plane tickets are cheaper than the regular ones. Plus, I really don’t mind waiting a year until my next adventure, since it gives me time to do a lot of research. I would also like to add that attending Travel Expo’s are quite advantageous. I’m saving up and preparing for the next one actually, which may come in February 2013. :)
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  9. Very sound advice. Guess, I have to start saving some bucks.

  10. As much as we want to book our flights and plan for vacation next year, but we’ll take it slow. Our schedule is not fixed and needs to aligned it during holidays to maximize the vacation :)
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  11. Good reminder. I suddenly realized that 2012 is about to end. How time flies! So I guess I now have to check the 2013 Philippine Holidays. Planning your trips early will definitely save you from unnecessary disappointments and frustrations. I was cramming the few times that i went on a trip and it’s more exhausting than enjoyable. I hope to do it differently next time and just have fun.
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    • Yes, time does fly when you’re having fun, doesn’t it? I’ve also had those instances when I had to do a bit of cramming when it comes to travel plans. You’re right. Instead of enjoying it, you end up with a lot more frustrations. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  12. It’s nice to book now for 2013 to take advantage of promos as well as maximize holidays. You can already earmark the holidays in your 2013 calendar.
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  13. Great tips! :)
    I just missed last week’s Cebu Pacific’s Php10.00 seat sale to Singapore kasi wala pa akong passport! tsk!

  14. Booking holiday related vacation or travel is always a good thing. Usually, this is a peak time so rushing it in the last minute often bring many unwanted consequences. Booking in advance gives you the time to relax and do your thing to prepare, while you wait.
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  15. Great tips, very timely for the coming X’mas season! The Deposit function is something new to me and it’s really a must try, especially if you have credit cards. Of course, the “Excitement”, that’s something money can’t buy. =)
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    • Yes, it is, Jerome. Some local travel agencies, like the one that I used to book my trip to El Nido next week, now offer that for trips like about six months in advance. If you want, I can send you their contact details so that you can take advantage of it.

  16. Great post, you’ve brought out some compelling reasons! I initially signed up for my last September’s marathon in Bohol simply because the airline fare was very affordable :P I plan my domestic trips on runs, usually, so organizers (read this please!), release your schedules soon!
    Be sure to check out jsncruz’s most recent post…Ready, Set, Explore! Run BGC 2012My Profile

    • That’s definitely something that organizers should take into consideration, especially if they are accepting participants for their events coming from different parts of the country. I’m with you hoping that they will release the schedules really soon.

  17. I have already booked my place tickets Davao-Cebu-Bacolod for September 2013 but no hotel accommodations yet. With your tips, I guess I start looking for accommodations before the year ends =)
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  18. We also book our trips in advance for the main reason of lower prices :) yes i must agree.. The excitement is just priceless.. Love to have something to look forward to everyday :)
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  19. I’d rather prepare for the money ahead on time then scouting a very good place to have my grand vacation, your tips are good and I will try to follow some and stay away to a very expensive package
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  20. I always have in mind of being a planner than a crammer as you can catch great deals and less hassle if that is the case.
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  21. Ralph Marcuss says:

    Not good for someone like me whose schedule is unpredictable but I’ll tell my friends and relatives anyway. Thank You! :)

  22. So true! We’re saving a lot of time and money with planned trips. Book na agad basta may promo fares!
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  23. Love your tips. I would love to plan ahead but sometimes, budget really is getting hard on me. haha! So i usually go for seat sales and the likes.
    Be sure to check out Ness’s most recent post…Katsu Cafe in Katipunan Quezon CityMy Profile

  24. If you book your holidays through a holiday firm it’s probably a good idea to book in advance. Have never done that for the simple reason that I don’t plan what I do on holidays in advance.

  25. i will definitely follow this tips. i got a lot of plans in my head for my travel and vacations for this upcoming 2013.
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  26. Here in Germany, Germans are used to spending their 6weeks vacation during the whole year. So planning ahead is really a must for them. Unfortunately for us, my husband is a workaholic and decides vacations from work in a sudden manner. So we don’t really plan our vacations.
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  27. I book my vacations well in advance now to save the last minute troubles, although I have done last minute travels too. Planned vacations usually get me good deals. As for worst flight time, once my flight from Sri Lanka to Canada left around 3:00 in the morning and landed around 7:00 am in Canada. I ended up going to work straight from airport that day.
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  28. With my current situation, I guess I had to wait till 2014 or 2015 as I need to finish a lot of things first. I would still keep these tips handy. ^_^
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  29. Planning ahead on your travels will save you time and money because most travel and airline companies offers are half the price at this time. So better yet book now.

  30. When I was younger my family would always book our vacations way in advance. I’m sure this helped my parents save money and make sure they were getting the best deals on everything from airfare to acommodations, but it was also so awesome to have something like a vacation to look forward to. My worst flight time got in at 4:30pm on Christmas Eve, no fun!
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    • I feel you, Kelly! I can just imagine the crowd and the chaos. Yes, traveling during those times isn’t that much fun. Thanks so much for sharing that, and for dropping by.

  31. My wife and I have always planned our vacation early especially if we travel with others. for one, it is exciting and also we are able to plan activites and compare.

    • I agree with you, Patrick. That’s one way of really finding even better deals, especially on some of the activities that you and your friends are planning to do while on vacation.

  32. It’s better to plan ahead especially when it comes to traveling and taking the whole family on a holiday vacation. I wish I can make some preparations for our first ever trip out of the country. Thanks for this post, it will be of great help.
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  33. Good advice and when I worked for a travel company they gave really good discounts etc when people booked via the early bird specials. Also totally agree about the excitement which only build if you book early.
    Be sure to check out Susan Oakes’s most recent post…What Do New Customers Look For When Buying?My Profile

  34. Hi Adeline,

    My colleagues are actually doing this, they scout earlier for places to tour. There are several unbelievable discounts offered by airlines, sometimes, a year before the actual travel date.

    There was a promo for Singapore for only 3 ,750. There was even 299 pesos ticket for Cebu . You pay now, but you travel later.
    Be sure to check out Jena Isle’s most recent post…By: JenaIsleMy Profile

  35. I have not travelled abroad yet, but will absolutely keep this in mind. Soon-to-be travellers like me will often note about this

  36. Totally agree with you on this. The only hitch is when you have a change of plans, like when the office needs you to substitute for a fellow worker, or you need to babysit for your sister who happen to have an emergency, and other possibilities. Mind you, I’m not dampening your spirit, but it has happened to me in the worst case scenario. I was not able to get a change of flight schedule and had to pay for “no show”.
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  37. actually we book flights whenever wee want holidays since singapore to anywhere around asia is very cheap already hehe xx

  38. I’ll take note of this if ever I decided to travel this coming holiday season
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