[Interview] Wine Talk with Benson Yuson

Wine sommelier Benson Yuson

I met wine sommelier Benson Yuson during the 3rd Grand Culinary Challenge where he gave a short wine seminar for the participants. Apart from being extremely passionate and knowledgeable about wine, what set Benson a cut from the rest of the wine sommeliers I’ve met was the fact that he’s 100% pure Filipino. From his…[Continue Reading]

The Top 10 Spookiest Spots in the Philippines to Visit This Halloween

Diplomat hotel philippines

Halloween in the Philippines won’t be complete without a good scare. Some do this by watching a horror flick with the lights out. Others head out to visit some of spots in the Philippines reportedly haunted by ghosts, spirits and other creatures of the night. Here are the 10 spookiest spots in the Philippines to visit…[Continue Reading]

5 Reasons to Book Your 2013 Holiday Now

Thinking about booking a holiday in advance

I know that some of you will gasp at this, but now is a good time to start your next holiday trip. This is something that I have definitely thought more about recently because of planning a big vacation next summer. These are some of the reasons why I think that booking a holiday in…[Continue Reading]

An Intimate Affair with Spanish Wine at the ASEAN Merchants Launch

ASEAN Merchants Patricia and David Coll-Piferrer with Wine Sommelier David Pedrol

I was honored to attend the launch of ASEAN Merchants at the Bellevue Hotel in Alabang. It was an exclusive affair, graced by members of the Philippine Association of Wedding Planners, restaurant representatives and selected members of the press. I was warmly greeted by ASEAN Merchants President Patricia Gancayco Coll-Piferrer and her husband, David once…[Continue Reading]

[Infographic] Going on Vacation the Social Media Way

Vacationing the Social Media Way Infographic

No doubt, social media has made a huge impact in our lives. It has changed a lot of the way we do things. That includes going on vacation. From getting ideas where you’ll be going on vacation to scouting the best airline and hotel deals, and even sharing details about your trip, social media is…[Continue Reading]

[Interview] Chef Frank Roland Schmitt on Becoming a Chef

Chef Frank Roland Schmitt

What does it take to become a chef? Is merely going to culinary school enough? Or is there something more to it? These were just some of the questions I’ve had in my mind ever since culinary arts became the top course in the Philippines. Indeed, many Filipinos are now enrolling in culinary schools with…[Continue Reading]

Center for Culinary Arts Unveils Its New Facilities

Center for Culinary Arts Invite

Recently, the Center for Culinary Arts, one of the top culinary schools in the Philippines, unveiled four of its newest facilities. I was very fortunate to have been invited to this event along with representatives from the media, members of the culinary arts academe community, and other bloggers. A Unique Open House Event Instead of…[Continue Reading]

Get Over the What-Ifs and Just to Go Traveling

Worried to go travelling

We all have ambitions to go traveling around the world. I have regularly told myself that I will go away. But like many people, I told myself I need more money to do it. The reality is that it is becoming easier to go traveling on a budget. So what’s holding us back? It’s very…[Continue Reading]

How to Save Money While Traveling

How to save money while traveling on your flights

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. –       Henry Miller This way of ‘seeing things’ has often been confused with the idea that you need to spend lots of money while traveling and on things that are not required. Although traveling CAN be expensive, it is not the be…[Continue Reading]

MMFF Makes New Waves with the 1st Cine-Phone Film Festival

Official Flyer of the 1st Cine-Phone Film Festival of the MMFF

As part of its goal to promote and enhance the growth of the film industry in the Philippines he Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) launches the 1st ever Cine-Phone Film Festival. This is one of the new film categories under the MMFF New Wave Student Section, which was put together last year to recognize the…[Continue Reading]

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